As You Like It

Client: National Theatre Live

​We were lucky enough to work with the National Theatre Live on their latest Shakespeare interpretation, which will also be part of their ‘Live’ schedule.

With the Forest of Arden being such a key part of the plot, and how it allows characters to realise their true selves, we decided to use projection as a tool to present 4 of the main characters and the journey the play takes them on, whilst in the Forest. During a shoot that demanded organisation and a strict schedule due to the actor’s limited availability whilst in rehearsals, we were able to project various different scenes onto their faces, suggestive of the emotional journey they go on whilst living in the forest.

Using a track from the play as an audio bed, and key quotes from the characters, recited by the actors during a separate audio record, we were able to reveal just enough about the play and these characters without giving too much away for this unique interpretation.

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