Big Brother 2018

Client: Channel 5, Endemol

For it’s eighteenth year on British television Hello Charlie broke with graphic tradition and created a brand for Big Brother like nothing that had come before. We reimagined the Big Brother eye as an elusive, organic orb without obvious or prescriptive meaning - just a powerful, vibrant, compelling image, alive with energy. Leaving it open to interpretation led to some lively debate online, with the Metro describing it succinctly as “Trippy AF”.

The title sequence plunges the audience into the vibrant, unpredictable, dizzying, kaleidoscopic world of the Big Brother house. Authoritarian messaging, visual metaphors for competition and gameplay are woven into dramatic personal experiences of the housemates, the agony and ecstasy, pain and euphoria of the unique Big Brother experience, compressed into a blast of kaleidoscopic colour. Hello Charlie created all the graphic content for the titles, including directing a bespoke studio shoot, a CGI build of the actual Big Brother house, styled and lit with bold neon colours and a coin design for a fictional Big Brother currency. Our brand was applied across all media and broadcast package elements, from social media to screen content for live launch and eviction night shows, on-screen graphics and promotional material, creating a consistently branded, cohesive aesthetic.

Big Brother 2018 Title Sequence

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