Born In The Wild

Client: Channel 4

Hello Charlie were commissioned to create the titles and content graphic sequences for Channel 4’s Born In The Wild. Presented by Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg, the films explore the reproductive biology of the animal kingdom, focusing on four species. In depth looks into each creature’s behaviour analyses how they fight, find and attract the opposite sex along with how they mate, give birth and raise their young in some of the World’s more extreme environments. We developed a unique and contemporary styled set of diagrams in book form, inspired by classic medical illustrations, the aesthetic of vintage photographic plates and rostrum camera photography. Specially commissioned artwork was created to represent the creatures such as Orangutan, Dolphin, Kangaroo, Elephant, Koala and Echidna.


Title sequence and montage of series graphics
Selected graphic sequences for Orangutan
Selected graphic sequences for Kangaroo
Selected graphic sequences for Elephant
Selected graphic sequences for Dolphin

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