Cazzette: Tour Visuals and Promo

Client: Cazzette

We were approached by Cazzette to create visuals for their worldwide live shows. We created and supplied a huge amount of material, across many disciplines. The content that we delivered was designed to be as flexible as possible for live use and video mixing, while at the same time staying true to the Cazzette brand and feel. We also created the promo for “Ni**as in Paris” (Cazzette & Ash ‘That Shit Cray’ Mix), using a wealth of footage accumulated from their live shows alongside our bespoke animation and design, paying homage to the original Jay-Z and Kanye West promo.

"Ni**as in Paris" (Cazzette & Ash 'That Shit Cray' Mix) promo
Cazzette visuals edit

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