360 VR Experience

Client: BBC

​Following the huge success of Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur, Hello Charlie were incredibly excited to work on building the Titanosaur for VR headsets. It has been a great opportunity to work on such an outstanding project of scale, both in ambition and of subject. The project has grown from a traditional broadcast delivery into a 360 VR project and has clearly shown how there can be a distinctive overlap in the storytelling and narrative of two very different forms of media, but also that offer very different experiences. VR enables the broadcaster an extension to their service and with economies of scale and with some forward planning the assets in one can be utilised easily in the other, helping both budget and brand continuity. It was an absolute high point of the project to direct David through the shoot. He was enthusiastic both about the project in general and also the technology. His knowledge and experience spans way beyond most in the industry, so it was a real education to listen to his stories and how he has embraced technology throughout his career. The BBC Natural History Unit has been a long standing client of Hello Charlie, and we have created some exciting projects over the years together. We hope that the up take on VR is successful as the potential is very exciting. NB: VR video is not supported on Safari.

Building the Dinosaur
Directing on set with Sir David Attenborough
Photo courtesy of the BBC

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