The National Lottery

Client: The National Lottery

Hello Charlie were asked to redesign The National Lottery broadcast content and create an opening sequence which demonstrated the scale and breadth of The National Lottery, bringing people together across the nation in anticipation of winning life-changing prizes, as well as giving to communities across the UK through money raised for National Lottery projects. Hello Charlie developed a dynamic opening sequence for The National Lottery with an engaging series of scenes linked together by beams of electrified light. The “light streaks” emerge at speed from a graphic representation of the iconic Lotto draw ‘button push’, then separate from each other and shoot off in different directions across a full length shot of the UK at night. The sequence then focuses in on a number of individual scenes from around the country, illuminating different landscapes and communities throughout the country as the light streaks continue on their ‘journey of luck’.

Title Sequence for main show
Making of: from Mini to Rolls build
Christmas special Title Sequence
In show Logo animation

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