Natural World Super Powered Eagles

Client: BBC Natural World

BBC Natural World Super Powered Eagles explores why eagles are the most powerful birds in the sky, examining their fascinating abilities, skills and behaviour. They soar for miles on the wing, spot food at vast distances and are capable of tackling enormous prey. The film explores the story of a family of bald eagles, and features a series of remarkable experiments and tests with a trained golden eagle.

Developing a strong visual style and presence, we created graphically illustrated and animated sequences that intricately display the eagles’ physical and sensory abilities, working closely with the edit and production.

GFX Tease Reel
Anatomy of an Eagle's Eye
The science behind Eagles sight
How many cones do you have?
How Eagles use Thermals & Updrafts.
Lloyd Buck & Tilly
How Eagle's have such good grip.
Ratchet Mechanism

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