Natural World: Supercharged Otters

Client: BBC Natural World

For the last 25 years cameraman Charlie Hamilton James has been studying and filming otters, and now through a series of groundbreaking experiments and wild encounters the Natural World film reveals their survival secrets, their adaptable anatomical abilities and the reasons why they’re so special.
Hello Charlie worked closely with production to create a visual style to the branded graphic sequences, utilising high speed filming techniques and CGI animation to portray otters’ impressive abilities, such as heat-trapping fur insulation and their all-terrain design.

Broadcast GFX Reel
Whiskers Info GFX
Skeleton Flexibility GFX
Otter's Flexibility Underwater GFX
Broadcast GFX Reel
Location Of Otters Around The World GFX
Adaptation Of Eye-sight Underwater GFX
Spine Flexibility GFX

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