Panic! At The Disco Tour 2019

Client: Panic! At The Disco

After creating visual content for Panic! at the Disco’s performances during the VMAs and EMAs 2018, Hello Charlie were delighted to be asked to create visuals for Five tracks on their upcoming Global Tour. Each track was approached separately, with it’s own creative concept inspired by the lyrics of the history behind it.

The visuals for Roaring 20s are inspired by lead singer Brendon Urie’s 20s, his life decisions and big breakthroughs. These life changing events are celebrated in the grandest possible way, champagne, fireworks, and gold.

The Greatest Show is Brendon’s cover of the title song from ‘The Greatest Showman’ however our version is an anti-circus filled with dilapidated fairground rides, flickering lights and scary clowns.

Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time is an alcohol fulled party with the graphics referencing the lyrics directly, where as One of the Drunks portrays the mind bending effects of cocktail parties and drinking with your friends.

Girls Girls Boys is one of Panic! at the Disco’s hit songs and embodies the sprit of the LGBT community.

The Greatest Show
Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time

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