Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Celebration

Client: Disney

H​ello Charlie were thrilled to be asked to work on the opening ceremony for the new Disney Resort in Shanghai. Our brief was to create an opening sequence that embraced the magic of Disney and reflected a childlike character whilst retaining an air of sophistication. The ‘Spark’ was born - a playful animation that takes the viewer on a journey through an enchanted forest, towards the Disney castle. Hello Charlie were responsible for the creation of the entire CGI scene, using a CAD drawing of the actual castle built in the new park, we recreated it with the animation, mirroring the colour, texture and finish of the real thing. We were also asked by the client to look after the edit in the opening sequence, taking rushes from Disney Parks all over the world. The spark heavily featured throughout, incorporating the playful nature into the live footage. We were also responsible for the online, grade and audio mix / FX. In addition to the opening sequence, we created a full kit of parts for the live broadcast for the IMG Original Content Production.

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