Stan Lee’s Superhumans

Client: Off the Fence for The History Channel

Hosted by legendary comic book superhero creator Stan Lee and contortionist Daniel Browning Smith (‘World’s Most Flexible Man’), the series scours the globe to find real life superhumans - people with unique genetic traits and skills, extraordinary physical or mental abilities that translate into remarkable ‘superhuman’ powers. Each episode focuses on a number of the ‘superhumans’ as they undergo tests to help explain their abilities, discovering the long and diverse history of people with similar incredible powers. Hello Charlie created the titles and branding for the series, along with individually designed animated ‘poster plates’ for each superhuman. Specially shot experimental material and animated artwork were combined to give the series’ graphic elements a dramatic, colourful and branded vision, staying true to comic book artwork styling.


Stan Lee's Superhumans titles
Bespoke illustrations

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