The Mysterious Mr Webster

Client: BBC Arts

John Webster’s play, The Duchess Of Malfi, is one of the greatest tragedies to come out of the English Renaissance. It is a tale of betrayal and murder, forbidden love and intrigue, full of disturbing and at times macabre violence and scenes of horror yet is still one of the most frequently performed plays of the period not written by Shakespeare. In this film for BBC2, James Shapiro goes in search of this man ‘The Mysterious Mr Webster’, arguing that his masterpiece rivals the greatest tragedies of Shakespeare, drawing the audience into the world of playwrights and theatre-goers in Jacobean London. The film questions who this shadowy figure was and how he came to write one of the greatest English plays. Hello Charlie were engaged to design the identity, titles, utilising ‘in camera’ styled effects to create a cinematic, brooding and ethereal atmosphere for the historic dramatisation elements within the film.


Conceptual styling montage and titles

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