UN: Growing a World Wonder

Client: UN

Growing a World Wonder is an African-led UN backed project with an epic ambition: to grow an 8,000km line of plants and trees across the entire African continent. Its goal is to provide food, jobs and a future for the millions of people who live in a region on the frontline of climate change. Once completed it will be the largest man-made structure on Earth, and a new Wonder of the World. As part of the campaign to raise awareness, Hello Charlie were asked to create CGI elements for a 360 VR film that would be launched at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. Using Maya and After Effects we worked on a sequence that would form the climax of the film. Within the unique 360 degree environment, the viewer would be transported from a live action high aerial drone shot through the atmosphere to a satellite perspective on the globe, and the first time we see the Great Green Wall in its entirety. To watch ‘Growing a World Wonder’ and learn more about the Great Green Wall, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKInZTWT1c8 (please note, you will need to use chrome to engage in the 360 experience)

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