wonder.land Digital Campaign

Client: National Theatre

Having worked on the wonder.land teaser, we were thrilled to be asked back to help with promoting the show in London. Initially we were asked to explore the idea of adding Che, the cat from wonder.land, a digital 2D creation, into the real world as a 3D animation for the start of the show in London at the end of November. Taking the National Theatre’s original 2D illustration, we remodelled the cat in Cinema 4D and using various different layering techniques gave him a real presence and character. We then explored animating him thus bringing him to life to really relay the wonder.land story and this unique interpretation.

This animating 3D character was the core to a kit of parts we were asked to create for all the National Theatre’s digital campaigns, and the ‘glitch’ creative informed the interstitials for the show trailer which we also cut using footage from one of the Manchester performances.

The National Theatre also embarked upon a huge print campaign to promote the arrival of this epic adventure in London, and Hello Charlie were a key part of that delivery. We were asked to create various posters from 4 sheets to 48 sheets presenting Che as a digital 3D in the real world, by compositing him into a treated, urban scene at dusk and Aly seen to be at the epicentre of this imminent journey the show will take you on.

wonder.land poster at Oxford Circus tube!
And in Time Out!

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