Yellowstone Live I & II

Client: Plimsoll Productions/ National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel’s Yellowstone Live and Yellowstone Live II broadcast in 2018 and 2019 respectively is a four night global event, focusing and showcasing Yellowstone National Park’s wildlife in real time, watched by millions of viewers Worldwide. Within its 22 million acres of land, Yellowstone is a renowned territory for volcanic activity, huge canyons, geysers, hot springs, rivers and over 300 animal species.

For both years, Hello Charlie worked closely with Plimsoll Productions to create a designed and fully branded package for the broadcast event, including a full set of information graphics illustrating the science behind Yellowstone’s super volcano, herd migration, hydrothermal features and weather systems. Along with the information based graphic scenes, we created a complete and adaptable live broadcast on screen graphics kit that was fully utilised across the live event ensuring the brand and associated graphic sequences were consistent and present.

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